Calf Cafeterias

Why Calf Cafeterias Are Necessary For Calves?

Calf cafeterias should be able to feed calves at the right speed, or else problems may occur onto their health. If the speed of the cafeteria is faster than the proper rate when feeding calves, health issues may happen to supposedly healthy calves.

Cross suckling

It is necessary that calves produce a large amount of saliva while drinking to ensure healthy digestion. Not enough saliva while feeding can cause calves to suckle or cross suckle on their environment or surroundings after getting fed. When calves are being fed using a fast teat, a bucket or a teat not promoting the right suckling action, calves will not be able to produce right amount of saliva they need for healthy and proper digestion and cross suckling will happen.

Cross suckling is a huge issue for calf’s health, and can possibly lead to different types of infections like navel and ear infections, and harm to developing and growing udders by streaming onto the tissues that are developing.

If cross sucking is not corrected within a week, nutritional scours may develop.

Coughing while drinking

If you notice that your calves are coughing right after feeding or stand back and then cough, it is a sign that the calves are drinking faster than what they are supposed to and they are not properly suckling.

The calf’s oesophagus may not be able to cope with the amount of milk and in turn may enter in their trachea. Milk in calf’s trachea may cause pneumonia.

All the above feeding issues can be avoided using calf cafeterias. The more modernised ones are automated, therefore ensuring proper feeding to calves. There are many manufacturers manufacturing cafeteria calves, yet other than the brand, there are three factors you have to prioritise.

  • Easy to clean

Easy cleaning of calf cafeterias is necessary. Taking care of calves and cleaning them can be time and energy demanding, so choosing a cafeteria that is very easy to clean can remove a huge chunk on your plate.

And cafeterias that are not cleaned properly is not right at all.

  • Easy to operate

It is always best to choose automated cafeterias, since they can be operated very easily. One click and your calves will be fed properly at the right speed.

  • Right size to feed good number of calves

Choose the size that can able to feed all your calves at once. The size matters especially if you own large population of calves. Anyway, the reason of feeding using automated calf cafeterias is for convenience and time saving, this being the case one go to feed all calves is ideal.

Good health for calves means better profit and income for you. Therefore considering calf cafeterias is ideal, not only for income but convenience purposes.