Top Benefits of Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

The wide availability of both rubber tracks and steel tracks makes the choice hard for every owner of mini excavators. Mini excavator rubber tracks offer pros and cons just like their steel counterpart. Ultimately, the decision depends on the applications the mini excavator is expected to work on.

Yet, when it comes to versatility, mini-excavator rubber tracks offer loads of it.

Rubber tracks offer top benefits especially if the project involves sensitive and hard terrain surfaces. The reasons rubber tracks should be seriously considered include:

Convenience and comfort

The varied types of terrains need tracks that can conform and flex with them. This need is met by rubber tracks. Operating a mini excavator can become a convenient and comfortable experience with rubber tracks.

Jarring often happens with steel tracks which can take a toll on your energy as the day goes on. The noise level emanating from steel tracks can be bothersome to neighbours and other workers on-site. Passersby also get an idea that construction is ongoing with the noise levels given off by steel tracks.

Using rubber tracks on mini excavators is the smartest way to remain comfortable while on the job. The lesser noise decibel also shows kindness and consideration to the immediate surroundings.

Greater traction

Rubber tracks have shown their flexibility to different types of terrain and surfaces. Greater traction is achieved with rubber tracks than steel tracks. Other than the high traction, melding well to uneven and harsh surfaces is with the rubber tracks. If the project involves dry and smooth surfaces, using rubber tracks on mini excavators is always best.

One of the best benefits of rubber tracks is their durability when worked on asphalt and concrete surfaces. While steel tracks prove their worth in muddy areas, only rubber tracks can work on smooth surfaces without wear and tear.

Construction jobs that are in the late stages benefit from using mini excavators using rubber tracks. Projects associated with finished landscaping or existing pavement are easily accessed by mini excavators with rubber tracks.

Tough and durable

Proper use of rubber tracks can extend their service for a lifetime. Taking proper care of rubber tracks such as keeping them clean and regularly adjusting and checking their tensions can likely make rubber tracks last for a long time. On-site materials and chemicals that prove harmful to rubber materials should also be avoided if you want the rubber tracks of the mini excavator to last for a lot more years.

In a nutshell, the multiple benefits provided by rubber tracks include:

  • Great to use for industrial and construction applications
  • Very affordable
  • Ensure longer machine life with fewer vibrations during operations
  • Works well in muddy and wet terrains
  • Can be driven at faster speeds
  • Provides comfort and convenience to the operator
  • Less carbon imprint by causing the least surface damage

Why Rubber Tracks is the best option

The reasons why rubber tracks are the best option include:

  • Causes less damage to any type of terrain or ground
  • Easy to maintain and can last for a long time with proper care
  • Produce less noise
  • Affordable

It’s a big decision for mini excavator owners when it comes to the choice of tracks. While expense is often a crucial factor, other considerations should be taken as well. Contact us at TKV Tufftrack Rubber Tracks to learn more about rubber tracks.

Starting an arborist equipment shop

The number of people who have embraced the fact that trees are significant for the environment is very high. This is what has led to an increase in the number of people who require the services of an arborist. For this reason, there are different types of equipment that the arborists will need so that they can offer their services to their clients.

If you have a business idea in mind, you could be a supplier of arborist equipment. This ensures that you supply the rising number of arborists with the arborist equipment they require. However, you will have to ensure that you start and successfully run your business to do this. The following are some of the things to do when you are beginning your arborist equipment supply shop.

  • Come up with a business plan

Whenever you have a business idea, you have to ensure that you make it real. To make your business idea a real one, you have to ensure that you come up with a business plan. As the name suggests, it is a plan for the business for which you have an idea. The plan serves as the road map since it states why you want to start your business and how you will achieve your goals.

You must develop your aims and objectives of starting your business and developing ways to help you achieve them. Also, indicate the sources of your finances and the amount of capital that you will require to start your shop. In your business plan, you have to do the following things:

  • Selecting a financial source and raising funds

To start your arborist equipment shop, you will have to ensure that you raise enough to stock your shop and run it. You have to pay for rent in the space that you rent, and also, you are expected to have a license that requires funds for you to get it. This makes money a critical asset that you must have for you to start your business. The capital sources that you select will determine whether you will be able to raise the money that you need or not. This is why you should have reliable capital sources.

  • Selecting a location for your shop

You must select the ideal location where you will want to start and run your arborist equipment shop. To ensure that the site is perfect, you must conduct a market analysis first. The ideal location has the highest number of customers and a few suppliers.

  • Stocking and pricing your arborist equipment

When you stock your arborist equipment, you need to ensure that you price them. You have to know that you should profit from the sales you make for your business’s growth. Therefore, you need to ensure that you set the best prices.

  • Coming up with reliable marketing strategies

Let people know that you have started a business and sell specific arborist equipment at a certain price. Select your marketing strategies correctly so that you can reach out to as many customers as you want.

  • Acquire a license

You need to start and run a legal business, and this is why you need a license or a work permit. This assures your customers that you meet all the standards and purchase the arborist equipment they need from you.

Tight Access Excavation: Directional drilling solutions

Directional drilling is one of the best methods of tight access excavation. It is a process in which the digging which takes place is trenchless. This means that it has a minimal impact on the surrounding structures and areas. The drilling takes place with the help of a guidance system which makes it easier to navigate the drill through the tightest of spaces. Therefore it becomes easier to avoid any pips or other underground structure which might be affected because of the drilling session.

There are a variety of jobs which can be done with the help of directional drilling:

  • House hold jobs like irrigation of a certain place.
  • Laying down a pool. Removing a swimming pool. This can be achieved by breaking the floor of the pool and then placing of filter fabric over the broken concrete. Once that is done, the trench is filled with dirt and then trench plates are placed over the lawn.
  • It can also be used to demolish homes, garages, pools or any other structures without impacting the surrounding areas a great deal. Care is taken that no other structure is impacted during the demolition process.
  • It can be used for installing drainage system like the French drainage system which comes in handy during landscaping process. On the other hand it can also be used to install storm drainage systems etc.

On the other hand it can be used for commercial purposes as well which include:

  • It can be used in excavation for laying down foundations of commercial spaces.
  • Installing underground utilities for electrical companies and gas companies.
  • Understructure excavation like trench excavation, sewage excavation etc.

Why go for directional drilling?

There are several reasons to choose directional drilling method of excavation. These include:

  • Directional drilling is a one-step solution for all household excavation problems. Irrigation and laying down sewer lines can be done without causing any destruction to the surrounding areas.
  • Directional drilling is done using a precise system which ensures that no other underground structures like gas lines, sewage pipes or electrical wiring is disturbed in any way.
  • Drilling horizontally in the ground can help save a great deal of time. Instead of vertical excavation which can actually take days to be completed, directional drilling is faster and more accurate. This means that less dirt is displaced and it doesn’t need to be replaced immediately.
  • It costs less because it require less man power. There is not a great deal of equipment required either. It way more cost effective then open cut drilling.
  • It creates a great deal less disruption and isn’t too time consuming either. It can actually help preserve the landscape instead of destroying it completely.
  • In areas where obstacles might be an issue, horizontal drilling allows for the excavation to be navigated in a way to cause no damage to those structures.

It requires fewer permit issues because it doesn’t cause a great deal of damage. In both instances like commercial or domestic drilling, horizontal drilling is the first choice.

Can you get tight access excavation done? Definitely! Simply find excavators for hire in your area to do the work for you.

Benefits of Earth Moving Equipment

This type of equipment is one of the most important heavy machineries that you can use in construction businesses. You can use them in construction sites for lifting and moving heavy objects.

Trained personnel handle the equipment since they are massive in size. A small error in the operation of the machine results in enormous loss to the construction company. The operator should, therefore, be well trained and have experience in operating and maintaining the machines. Their uses vary with each other. For instance, you can use bulldozers to do complex tasks and lifts to perform daily tasks.

Some of this equipment includes:

Hydraulic excavators

You can use them for digging trenches and foundations, demolitions, mining and landscaping projects. They are of different sizes-large, medium, small and mini.


You can use them for paving and landfill projects. You need to choose them with care for you to meet your specifications. They are comfortable for drivers and ensure the safety of the workers around the machine. You can select them depending on the area in which you are working.

Heavy wheel loaders

You can use them to move materials aside or to load them into other types of machines.


These equipment have many benefits as discussed below:

Quality improvement

This equipment allows contractors to complete their work with minimal quality defects liability clause. This shields construction companies from claims arising from poor quality. Other than this, this equipment improves both reliability and quality which are the most significant criteria for evaluating construction equipment company’s performance.

Project efficiency

They overcome the many disadvantages associated with manual labour, from its inconsistency- due to weather changes, attendance, social health as well as economic conditions and many other factors.

It takes a shorter time to complete construction activities which are an advantage to the owner of the construction site.

Cost saving and profitability

They can reduce the cost of large scale projects. It also makes it easier for the companies to complete their projects within budget at a reduced overall cost. Their increased productivity and reliability ultimately translate into high profits from fewer defect related claims and avoidance of delay penalties.


High-risk activities occur in construction sites during construction activities. There are safety risks if the workers are operating on the ground especially within confined spaces and there are movements of heavy materials.

This equipment will mitigate and even prevent these risks thus, enhancing the safety of the workers around the machine.

Performing daily tasks

You can use the road roller to compress sand, gravel, and concrete in the construction of foundations of roads and traits.

You can use post hole diggers to dig moderately small holes for fitting fence poles and posts. You can also use them in farming, landscaping, and construction.

Cranes lift and move heavy loads as well as eliminating wastes in construction sites.

Enhances mining

People may not be in a position of digging oil wells manually. Therefore, drilling machines are essential in doing this task.

Mining companies use them to move the earth and minerals. Electric shovels and giant draglines with buckets remove a large amount of yard in one scoop hence enhancing surface mining.

Complex materials that can move materials in a much headroom and limited space enhance underground mining.

Finally, using earth moving equipment in Rockhampton can be beneficial as shown in this article. You can consider using them in performing your tasks.

Vehicle Tracking in Australia

What is vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking, also referred to as a vehicle tracking system, represents the combined usage of automatic vehicle location in vehicles with computer software that keeps fleet data for a complete picture of all locations visited by vehicle. In modern times, most vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) or Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) to locate the vehicle. Some vehicle tracking devices can use other kinds of automatic vehicle location systems. Software specialised for tracking or electronic maps on the Internet are used as information about vehicle. This tracking system has been growing in use in public transit, especially in bigger and more urban cities, but also in fleet management like the tracking of fleets, dispatching and even as protection from thieves. Also, one of the uses of GPS vehicle tracking systems is to monitor drivers, be it an employer tracking their workers or parents keeping their children in check.

  • Types of vehicle tracking devices

There are various types of vehicle tracking devices, but they are mostly separated into two groups, active devices and passive devices. The main difference between these two is when and where they transfer collected data. Passive devices first store all data collected and then when the vehicle reaches the chosen point, the device is removed from the vehicle and transferred to another device for further analysis. More and more passive devices are including auto downloading capabilities via a wireless network rather than connecting the device to a computer.

On the other side, active devices transfer collected data almost in real time via satellite or cellular networks to other devices or systems. Both of these devices collect the same data, like GPS location, direction, chosen point, and speed, but can also keep track of the data related to opening and closing of doors or the key being turned on or off. Almost all modern devices for vehicle tracking will be both active and passive. Which “mode” is used depends on if there is a cellular network device that can connect and transfer data or not. In cases where there is no open network, the device will store data in an internal storage and transfer it as soon as it catches the first signals of a cellular network.

  • Tracking vehicles in Australia

There are a number of companies in Australia offer vehicle tracking systems. Their offers usually combine both passive and active devices in one, and rely on real-time GPS information. The services of vehicle tracking systems are mostly used by businesses connected to public transit, companies dealing with fleets and cargos, but also individuals who want to feel secure about their vehicles. Some of the most reliable and best reviewed companies in Australia are Track My Ride, GPS Trackers Australia, Monogoose Automotive Technologies Australia, and ReadyTrack.

Safety with Farm Machinery

Undercarriage Parts

Heavy Equipment machinery is a very useful machine in every construction operation. Whether, it is an excavator, bulldozer, pay loader, tractor or crane.  They are all a part of every construction activity.  Under this heavy metal built, is a section, who has an equally important rule in its operation.  The section I am referring to is the undercarriage.  It supports the mechanism of the machine, that allow them to move from one place to another.

What is the undercarriage?  An undercarriage is designed to improve the machine’s sensitivity towards the challenging surface below. It is designed to fit your needs for unmatched suspension, tension, traction, speed and productivity.

Basic undercarriage parts are:

  1. Sprocket
  2. Carrier Roller
  3. Recoil Spring
  4. Track Shoe assembly
  5. Idler
  6. Track Link assembly
  7. Track roller and
  8. Track shoe

There are many brands of various parts of the undercarriage. They are as follows:

  1. Bobcat
  2. Caterpillar
  3. Daewoo
  4. Hitachi
  5. Kumatchu
  6. Kobota
  7. Volvo and other major brands.


In every construction business, machinery takes the bulk of the budget. Thus taking good care of it is necessity, to minimize cost. I would like to share with you some basics in taking care of your undercarriage parts.

  1. The Underbelly. Routine checking of the under carriage is suggested by experts. It should be done every end of the day. Check all the parts, such as: bearings, bolt,chains, drive motors and etc. Inspect the track for missing rubber, check for loosen bolts and uneven tracks.
  2. Undercarriage and Tracks. Clean the undercarriage and tracks and remove large objects such as concretes, wood and other hard materials. It will affect the tracks’ performance and contribute to its wear and tear.
  3. Be sure the person operating the equipment has enough knowledge on how to operate it properly.  The operator must be aware of the kind of environmental surface the machine works best or not.
  4. Check high wear parts often. There parts of the undercarriage that wears easily. It is advise that daily check will be conducted on those parts.
  5. Greasing of parts. It is good to grease occasionally bushing and some other parts, to push dirt out.
  6. Tune the Tension.
  7. Regular maintenance. A machine regularly maintained will last long.
  8. All operators must be trained properly on the proper use of the equipment.

Again, proper care of all the parts of a machine, will result to longer life and high productivity.  This will also result to good return of investment.  To be able to achieve the desired productivity, comfortable operation and excellent performance, you just have to take the necessary care.

You may also ask the help of the experts to do the tasks. They knew better and they can easily determine a need for replacement.

Here in New Zealand, there is a need for this kind of machinery.  They can be found everywhere, because there are so many distributors in the area.  Every big name brands has their presence in this part of the globe.