Reasons for needing a surveryor in Mackay

Perhaps the most misunderstood part of the building process is the surveying. This is because people often think of surveyors as people with staff and tripod measuring streets.

In Mackay, surveyors do measure streets, but they also do more than that.

Constructing and designing a home needs a surveyor. This professional provides a vital link between the two processes to make your home project a success. Here are additional reasons to need a surveyor in your home project:

You are planning a home extension

Your designer gets a starting point in your home extension project with the engagement of a surveyor. This is because the needed requirements for a home extension include a level and feature and title re-establishment survey.

You plan to fence in your property

A title re-establishment is required when you want to fence in your property. This is to ensure that you are building on your boundaries and not encroaching on someone else’s. Hiring the services of a surveyor is especially crucial for newly-built homes. This is because of the easy removal of title pegs during building time.

A surveyor is the best professional to measure the exact boundaries of your property resulting in title re-establishment.

You and your neighbour are having a boundary dispute

A boundary dispute with your neighbour can be easily and quickly settled by a title re-establishment. The dispute is quickly settled when the true locations of your title are shown.

The best way to avoid boundary disputes with neighbours is to hire the services of a professional and experienced surveyor at the onset. Possessing a title re-establishment is the smartest way to avoid costly litigation and ill feelings as well.

You need professional advice on land development

A professional and experienced surveyor is the right person to advise you on land development issues such as overlays, council requirements, and zones.

You want to split your property

Splitting a single property into two or more parcels needs the help of a professional and experienced surveyor. A surveyor can advise you of the best way to describe the resulting parcels to have them titled legally.

You are about to construct your home

A surveyor is the first professional to hire before constructing your home. With his help, the measurements related to the construction on your property are properly determined.

Factors such as dimensions, elevation, and horizontal position are valuable information in the construction of the grades and lines of your planned fences, buildings, and other infrastructures.

You feel it is important to determine the floodplain of your property

The floodplain survey is seldom undertaken by potential homeowners. However, insurance costs and risks are the factors included in the calculations of insurance premiums. This means that insurance companies usually use floodplain survey to determine the amount of premium of a home.

A homeowner who takes the trouble and expense of hiring a surveyor to determine the floodplain of his property will be able to know if the planned building or land is within a floodplain.


The takeaway


Licensed, experienced, and reputable surveyors should be the only one to conduct your land surveys. It is a smart move for a homeowner to start their construction project only after a surveyor has determined the various elements to make the project successful and stress-free. Mackay based Surveyors at Work can help you with this.




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