Top Benefits of Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

The wide availability of both rubber tracks and steel tracks makes the choice hard for every owner of mini excavators. Mini excavator rubber tracks offer pros and cons just like their steel counterpart. Ultimately, the decision depends on the applications the mini excavator is expected to work on.

Yet, when it comes to versatility, mini-excavator rubber tracks offer loads of it.

Rubber tracks offer top benefits especially if the project involves sensitive and hard terrain surfaces. The reasons rubber tracks should be seriously considered include:

Convenience and comfort

The varied types of terrains need tracks that can conform and flex with them. This need is met by rubber tracks. Operating a mini excavator can become a convenient and comfortable experience with rubber tracks.

Jarring often happens with steel tracks which can take a toll on your energy as the day goes on. The noise level emanating from steel tracks can be bothersome to neighbours and other workers on-site. Passersby also get an idea that construction is ongoing with the noise levels given off by steel tracks.

Using rubber tracks on mini excavators is the smartest way to remain comfortable while on the job. The lesser noise decibel also shows kindness and consideration to the immediate surroundings.

Greater traction

Rubber tracks have shown their flexibility to different types of terrain and surfaces. Greater traction is achieved with rubber tracks than steel tracks. Other than the high traction, melding well to uneven and harsh surfaces is with the rubber tracks. If the project involves dry and smooth surfaces, using rubber tracks on mini excavators is always best.

One of the best benefits of rubber tracks is their durability when worked on asphalt and concrete surfaces. While steel tracks prove their worth in muddy areas, only rubber tracks can work on smooth surfaces without wear and tear.

Construction jobs that are in the late stages benefit from using mini excavators using rubber tracks. Projects associated with finished landscaping or existing pavement are easily accessed by mini excavators with rubber tracks.

Tough and durable

Proper use of rubber tracks can extend their service for a lifetime. Taking proper care of rubber tracks such as keeping them clean and regularly adjusting and checking their tensions can likely make rubber tracks last for a long time. On-site materials and chemicals that prove harmful to rubber materials should also be avoided if you want the rubber tracks of the mini excavator to last for a lot more years.

In a nutshell, the multiple benefits provided by rubber tracks include:

  • Great to use for industrial and construction applications
  • Very affordable
  • Ensure longer machine life with fewer vibrations during operations
  • Works well in muddy and wet terrains
  • Can be driven at faster speeds
  • Provides comfort and convenience to the operator
  • Less carbon imprint by causing the least surface damage

Why Rubber Tracks is the best option

The reasons why rubber tracks are the best option include:

  • Causes less damage to any type of terrain or ground
  • Easy to maintain and can last for a long time with proper care
  • Produce less noise
  • Affordable

It’s a big decision for mini excavator owners when it comes to the choice of tracks. While expense is often a crucial factor, other considerations should be taken as well. Contact us at TKV Tufftrack Rubber Tracks to learn more about rubber tracks.

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